Relaxing Massage

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Californian, Draining touch, Chinese of the three wrinkles…

Californian: 30 min, 35€, 50 min, 50€, 60€ 1h

Well-Being full body massage with oil for the 1 hour routine. The 30-minute massage focuses on the back, arms and neck.

Full, gentle movements provide overall relaxation and help reduce stress.

Not recommended in case of fever, pregnancy, varicose veins, phlebitis,
acute inflammation of the joints, heart or venous problems, dermatitis,
any autoimmune disease not cured by treatment.


Draining touch: : 45 min, 45€

Brings a general relaxation and gently energizes. Reactivates the lymphatic circulation and drains the toxins.

Undertaken at regular intervals and accompanied by a balanced diet, it can aid self healing.

Not recommended in case of fever, pregnancy, any autoimmune disease, severe circulatory disease, sepsis, acute lymphangitis


Chinese of the three wrinkles: 30 min, 35€

Well-Being accupressure massage of the face, head, neck and shoulders.

Allows relaxation of body tension and releases repetitive thoughts.

No contraindications