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To thank you for your loyalty,

A free session of 30 min, after 300 min purchased.


Pregnancy women package :

Different ayurvedic massages can be combined. For example Pagatchampi and Chinese of the three wrinkles. Adapted to the
stage of pregnancy.


Draining touch package :

260 € for 6 sessions+ 1 session specific on the legs free

For whole package taken within a one month period. Free of travel costs *

For a maximum efficiency : one to two sessions per week until ten sessions, then one session per month or every three months.


Couples package :

For valentine Day, wedding anniversary…

For two sessions of 30 minutes, 60€ free of travel costs*


School exams :

1)    Basic package :

Two sessions of 50 min : one a week before, one the day before the exam. Free of travel costs*, 100€ 


2)    Three sessions package :

One session of 30 min 15 days before, one of 50 min one week before, one of 50 min the day before the exam. Free of travel


3)    Baccalaureate package :

One session of 50 min one week before, one of 50 min the day before firsts exams, two sessions of 30 min between exams.  Free of travel costs* and 10% of reduction on the total.144€

Those propositions could be adapted to your requirements and wishes.

The well-being massages on under age people are practised from 16 years old, with parental agreement, with restrictions
adaptations on energy polarization, feet, hands and head massages (can mixed between them)

* free travel cost in a reasonable geographic limit.