Energy Massage

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Shiatsu, Assis Amma, Polarisation énergétique…

Shiatsu 50 min, 50€

Coming from the Japanese tradition, the term itself is translated as “digital pressure”. It consists of applying pressure on
specific meridians and energy points all over the body. With its gentle approach, it combines both relaxation and tone (it is
performed clothed).

Not recommended in case of fever, pregnancy, any autoimmune disease not cured by treatment.

Non-recommandé en cas de fièvre, grossesse, 
toute maladie auto-immune non canalisée par un traitement.

Sitting Amma: (on chair) 15 min, 15€

Shorter than shiatsu. On the back, arms, hands, neck and head.

Relieves tension while increasing alertness and concentration.

During a family time or between friends, you can offer (and offer yourself) a pamper moment. The time of well-being
massages can be adapted up to 30 minutes.
Minimum 3 persons.

Ideal in business/office environments. (details on request)

Not recommended in case of pregnancy, fever, important problem of the back (operation of less than 4 months). 

Combined with certain medications, especially anti-depressants, seated massage can decrease hyper-sensitivity.

Energy polarization: 30 min, 35€

A practice similar to reiki, synthesis of different practices of magnetism, circulation energy by currents and meridians.

Unlock and recharge energies to promote energy flow.

Not recommended in case of high fever.