Companies and events

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Sitting Amma in corporate :

Adapt to working environment et events, it’s simple and easy to make it. It’s a practice dressed, on an ergonomic chair. I would
require a free space of approximately 2 meters by 2 for the duration of the treatments.

I can come for a day or half a day (2h minimum) to a wide area of the Occitanie : Toulouse, Rodez, Albi, Villefranche de
Rouergue… Call me for any quotations.

Sitting Amma massage is relaxing and toning. Acupressure is applied to the back, shoulders, neck, head, hips, arms and hands.

Advantages for corporate :

In only 15 minutes, quality and quantity of work can be improved.

Taking cares of employees reflects a best brand image to its customers.

Advantages for employees :

He or she can have a real rest on his/her workplace, without moving. The well-being massages benefits help to approach working more serenely.

In terms of works council’s participations, he/she has access to reduced prices.

Practitioner subjects herself to professional discretion and to respect the privacy of everyone.

The organization :

Practitioner works in the office of companies, with all necessary material, for two hour minimum.

Appointments are taken by mail or phone with employees.

Payment :

The work council chooses to participate financially or not (generally 50% or more).

The success of the operation especially depend of this participation.
The work council collects the employee’s part and return all to the practitioner upon receipt of the
If you would like another operating mode, contact me !

Sitting Amma massages during events :

A moment of well-being offered for visitors or customers.

For people working in a stress ful environment (shows, marketing operations, conventions… A well-deserved break to better

Quotations on request.