Ayurvedic Massage

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These well-being massages come from an Indian tradition, Ayurveda. Man is made up of the doshas, the vital energies.

There are three of them: Kapha, Pitha and Vata. They themselves consist of the five elements water, earth, fire, air and ether.

The principles of Ayurveda are based on the search for balance between all.

Kansu, well-being foot massage with Tibetan bowl:30 min, 35€

Relaxing the feet with shea butter first by kneading, then with the bowl.

Work of the fire element: it will give you back your

fire if it is lacking, it will soothe you if you have too much.

Not recommended in case of fever, pregnancy of less than 4 months,
non-chronic inflammations, skin problem (on the foot)


Pagatchampi,well-being massage of the legs and feet: 30 min, 35€ 

With oil, it combines long movements and acupressure points for the relaxation of tension.

Work of the water element: it reactivates the circulation of liquids.

Not recommended in case of fever, pregnancy of less than 4 months, important problems of varicose veins and / or


Shirotchampi, well-being massage of the skull and face:30 min, 35€ 

With oil, it allows a relaxation of the deep mind.

An oil net (optional) on the forehead completes the well-being massage.

Symbolically, it represents water and cleanses your mind.

Not recommended if pregnancy is less than 4 months.